Do you remember the excitement and joy you felt as a child opening a new box of crayons? The many colors and the complimentary shades neatly arranged to spark your creativity, all in one organized location. The urgent need you felt to get those crayons in your fingers to make something beautiful with your hands. Now, imagine if there was a place you could get that same feeling with the added bonus of being able to feel the colors and luxurious textures to plan your next hand-stitched creation! There is, and it is at The Yarn Barn.

We feature many natural fibers, fiber blends as well as acrylics for the sensitive knitter or crocheter. Our yarns come from Cascade Yarns, Berrocco, Lang, and the Brown Sheep Company, although other suggestions are always welcome. They are understandably arranged for the independent browser although we love to answer questions for those needing more guidance. But, the best news? Our prices can easily accommodate any budget and you get the pleasure of seeing and touching, live and in person!

December 4, 2015
December 2015

Happy Holidays!

Where does the time go? Personally, I am feeling better this year about my holiday projects. How about you? Don’t despair, I know that I will be

November 2, 2015
October 2015

Isn’t autumn just a beautiful season? Nature shares it’s bounty both in the harvests and colors. Guess what? I love both! The air is temperate and dry, so very conducive to


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